WHY do you need a shared office space ?

Before we start doing anything, if we ask ourselves “WHY?” are we doing it and take the time to think through it, the decision making for “What To Do” and “How To Do” becomes very easy. Same applies when you are thinking of leasing a shared office space. So, WHY do you need a shared office space? Here are a few pointers that might help you in solidifying your WHY and give you clarity. Read on to find which one resonates more with you.

Saving money ?

Shared office spaces help small business save a lot of money on infrastructure and utilities. They offer flexibility in their lease terms and reduce risking your capital. You get the same professional environment of owning your office. Here are some of the areas where you can save money on:

    • Internet
    • Security
    • Furniture
    • Electricity
    • Janitorial services
    • Insurance
    • Office rent
    • Moving Costs

Increasing productivity ?

If you are a freelancer or self employed, it is common to feel lonely and also get distracted if you are working from home. Are pets, mail-men, and other petty issues at home distracting you from accomplishing things?
Shared office spaces can provide you a suite and an environment that will be distraction free and help you get things done at a very low cost.

Improving communication ?

If you are a small startup with a few employees, and everyone is working from their homes, it is hard to develop a sense of team camaraderie. Also, it is easier to get more things done when you are together and talk face-to-face when compared to phone conference calls or instant messaging. Meeting at public coffee places may not be a conducive environment for getting things done.
Shared office spaces have common conference rooms for team collaboration. Executive suites can accommodate up to 4 people and it would provide a great environment for team collaboration.

Build new connections and meet new people ?

Are you looking to develop a community that could help spread the word about your business? Are you looking to network with people who are talented and from diverse backgrounds?
Most tenants at the shared office spaces are business owners and you will have a high chance of meeting like minded people. In the long term you will  learn from each other, build great relationships, and that might help in growing your business through word of mouth or even lead to some serendipities.


Are you a person who is the most productive when you are in an inspiring location? Does nice furniture inspire you in getting things done ? Are you in a creative profession, which requires you to be highly inspired to bring out quality content ?
In this case, your highest priority would be about the location, layout, furnishings, colors of the walls, the windows and view from the office space.

Reach out to Executive Suites Chandler office space and find out if we meet your WHY