Who manages your shared office space?


If you are a startup or a small business owner looking to lease a shared office space, it is very important to know who manages the building that is in consideration.  Startups do not usually have an individual who has the most experience in corporate real estate and facilities.  Startups have special needs, and it is important that building management is aware of it and has enough experience to guide them for long term success.

There are advantages in finding an office space that is run by an entrepreneur or a realtor when compared to the ones that are run by someone employed by a landlord who has no clue of the needs of a startup.


Screening process

Traditionally, startup companies have to meet very high standards of screening process to be approved for leasing a shared office space. This includes providing proof of income, credit references, etc. However, if the manager is an entrepreneur, he or she might be sensible to these and could make the screening process simple and even make some exceptions.


Price and Flexibility in Lease Terms

Only an entrepreneur can understand the shoe string budget and the uncertainty of a startup.  So there is a very high chance of them helping you with a month-to-month short term leases compared to a 3 month or 12 month minimum lease terms. Also, they usually have a reasonable low pricing for the shared office space which is tailored to help a start up company.


Like Mindedness

We all know how a positive encouraging attitude can make a big difference to our day. If you are a small business owner and are going through the daily grind, being surrounded by like minded people is an intangible asset. Imagine what it would be like if the person who manages the operations of your office space has the similar thought process as yours. He or she would be more responsive to your feedback and requests, always looking for constant improvement and knows the value of getting things done without any excuses.


Focused on adding true value

Lot of office spaces have amenities but many not add real value to the bottom line of the tenant. An entrepreneur managing the property would be able to quickly identify them and eliminate unnecessary bells and whistles.

If a realtor manages and runs the operations of your shared office space, he or she would be really resourceful in scaling up your startup to a mid size company. Whether in increasing the shared office space within the same building or scouting for a location that best matches the company’s growth curve, the right realtor will not only understand the needs, but will also be able to market your company to other property owners.