Intangibles of an Office Space

When renting an office space or an executive suite, it is easy to measure some tangible attributes like money saved, increase in productivity, etc. However, have you ever thought about the intangibles? What are the intangibles that an office space can provide ?


We all know it takes 30 seconds to create a first impression and first impression is always the best impression. When a new client or a customer visits your office, the impression that the office space makes will definitely carry over into your own brand’s perception. Shared office spaces are an affordable way to attain a high class work space. These spaces are typically in stellar locations that may otherwise be unattainable. They are designed with quality and functionality in mind, allowing you to be comfortable while you work.


Today’s workers are putting as much emphasis on collaboration, learning and socializing as on focused, heads-down work. In fact, employees at top-performing companies consider time spent on non-focus work more critical to job success than do their peers at average companies, who remain more focus work-centered.


A good office space means it must first be a functional work environment. Functional attributes include a good layout, adequate light for the task, fresh air and the right temperature, appropriate storage nearby, ergonomic furniture for the task, and the right balance between being private to avoid disruptions and being accessible to team members. But to be a great workspace, it must not only be  functional, but also able to support all four work modes –  Focus, Collaborate, Learn, Socialize. It is not about providing more space, but providing effective space with the right mix. In other words, it is the quality, not the quantity of space that matters. Effective workspace makes a strong impact on three key employee engagement measures – workplace satisfaction, job satisfaction, and company  commitment. During an economic downturn when employees are trying to do their best with limited resources, this can make the difference between good and great and clearly impacts the bottom line.


The Executive Suites Chandler office space operations are run by Kiran Vedantam, who has worked for 8 years at Intel and is now a successful entrepreneur. He definitely understands these intangibles as he was an employee and now an employer. Reach out to him to see how our office spaces can help you provide a great work environment.