Collaborative Office Spaces

Shared Office Spaces
Shared Office Spaces

Collaborative office spaces are now replacing traditional office rental structures. Most businesses have slow and active times.  A business owner’s nightmare is the office rent that is due on the 1st of each and every month.  There is now a solution to switch away from traditional offices to shared office spaces. It is easier to swim through the busy times as the resources are bountiful. It will be affordable to get additional resources, and also it makes it very easy to justify. It is during the slower times of the business is when there is much discipline needed. Slow times is what destroys most small businesses. Smart entrepreneurs have now found relief that is practical, and time saving. Office rent has been traditionally the most expensive cost. There did not seem to be any relief unless you move and re-negotiate the rate. Depending on the term of the lease, there also could be annual rise in rents year after year.

Executive Suites Chandler has rolled out a flexible month to month plan for small businesses that enables ability to expand and compress the office space needed. This gives flexibility to have larger space to executive the operations and in the slow times, drop off the extra space that is not needed to save valuable dollars. This flexibility is what has brought their newest tenant who had a large warehouse with vacant rooms during slow times. The CEO Mark Killman says “We always thought that we had to have the office rent as an expense that we could not avoid. After we switched to Executive Suites Chandler, we are able to save money during out slow times when we do not have as many staff. We plan to add additional space at the same office. This is a flexibility we desired for years”. There is also an option to do virtual office, where the business will not have a dedicated office space, but will have the usage of the commercial address for communication with clients. The room prices start from $199/mo and virtual offices start from $99/mo.

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